Ref: Report for the Breakfast Program at Kirkbride, Riverdale and Forsyth Road Elementary

ver2馬賽克版2December 10, 2019

Information from Surrey Schools


Re: Report for the Breakfast Program at Kirkbride, Riverdale and Forsyth Road Elementary

The Surrey School District meal programs play an integral role in ensuring our students are provided with
nutritious meals each school day. Your compassionate generosity is directly changing and impacting the lives of our most vulnerable students while making them feel protected and cared for.


ver2馬賽克版1The breakfast program at Kirkbride, Riverdale and Forsyth Road currently serves over 140 students that are in need of a satiating morning meal. In addition to providing nutritious food, the breakfast program provides a safe and secure place for students to access and decompress before they begin their school day.

Breakfast programs promote peer interactions across multiple grade levels, provides students with positive adult role models, and helps create a consistent routine each school day. We strive to offer our students a highly nutritious breakfast consisting of lean proteins (eggs, yogurt, cheese and milk), low sugar cereals/oatmeal, toast with spreads, fruits and vegetables. We know that providing a nutritious, sustaining meal increases students’ attendance and ensure that they are motivated and ready to learn. Each breakfast meal costs $1 per student, per day.


Thanks to your generous support, we are able to ensure our students have sufficient daily nutrition to allow them to fully participate in class and after school activities. Below we would like to share some comments and stories from students, families and staff that truly demonstrates the impact your donation is making on the lives of students in Surrey:ver2馬賽克版3

We have brothers in Grades 3 and 5 that recently joined the breakfast program. Earlier this year, both boys were struggling academically and behaviorally. The days would range from them falling asleep at their desks, to creating outbursts and disrupting their entire classroom. We were able to connect with their father who explained he recently had to stop working due to an ailing medical condition and consequently, he was struggling to put a sufficient amount of food on the table at home. The next day, we had both boys enrolled in the breakfast program. Within weeks, we saw an immense change in their behavior. The nutritious breakfast and the opportunity to sit with their peers and supportive adults set a positive start to their day. Their teachers have commented that they have both demonstrated better focus in class and have shown great progress in their schoolwork. Furthermore, it has caused them to arrive to school on time and has sufficiently increased their attendance. We continue to see these two boys progress socially, emotionally and academically, which we credit to the wholesome food, and positive social interactions the breakfast program provides.

ver2馬賽克版4“Without the breakfast program, I would not have a healthy meal each morning. There is not a lot of food at home because my mom finds it difficult to go shopping. I am grateful that I can have breakfast at school with my friends each morning.” – Grade 5 student from Riverdale Elementary

“I love coming to the breakfast program! It is a lot of fun to have breakfast with my friends in the morning. The food is so good and helps me feel energized for the day at school.” – Grade 3 student from Forsyth Road Elementary

“My children really enjoy coming to the breakfast program each morning. We moved from Africa eight months ago with three children and we have another one on the way. I try work as much as I can to support the family but we can’t always afford the fresh, healthy food our children need to thrive. I am very thankful that the breakfast program provides all of my children with a healthy meal each school day.” – Parent

“Several of my students participate in the breakfast program, and it shows. They are more ready to learn, more willing to participate, and are in general, a lot happier because they have eaten a healthy breakfast.” – Staff

“I love the breakfast program because the food is much healthier than anything I have at home. I used to eat a chocolate bar for breakfast because that’s all that was available to me. Thanks to the breakfast program, I can eat until I feel full and I know that I will be provided with healthy food that will
give me the fuel I need for the school day ahead.” – Grade 6 student from Kirkbride

“The breakfast program provides my kids with the opportunity to make friends and connect with the adults that work in the school. Being new to the school community can make it difficult to fit in at times, but with the positive and caring environment fostered by the breakfast program, my kids
feel welcome at the school.” – Parent

Budget Breakdown September – December 2019

Kirkbride Elementary $3,182
Riverdale Elementary $2,812
Forsyth Road Elementary $4,366
TOTAL $10,360
Tzu Chi $6,000
Surrey School District $4,360
TOTAL $10,360


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