Letter of St. Paul’s Foundation

St. Paul’s Foundation

Dear Friends from the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation Canada,

We’re so grateful for the generosity, kindness, and support of donors like you. Over the past year, you played an integral role in helping St. Paul’s Hospital and all Providence Health Care sites adapt to new challenges brought about by the pandemic and continue to provide the compassionate, innovative care we’re known for.

Each of us has a unique story to tell from 2020. We invite you to read our 2020-2021 Gratitude Report, which shares some of the voices of our frontline staff, donors, and families across British Columbia, and the impact of your giving.

Donor gifts have helped patients across the province receive care through telehealth programs; find ways to keep seniors and residents in long-term care engaged and connected to family and friends; introduce new policies and procedures to allow for quick, effective treatment in our clinics and communities; and conduct world-leading research, including COVID-19.

Thank you for making all of this work possible and for your support of St. Paul’s Foundation and the people we serve.


Dick Vollet
President & CEO
St. Paul’s Foundation