Turkey Earthquake Relief

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At 4:17am local time on February 6, 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rattled southern Turkey and Syria, with tremors felt as far as Lebanon and Israel. With mass destruction and wintry conditions (including freezing temperatures), relief efforts are proving extremely complicated. The death toll, too, is rising.

To help, Tzu Chi volunteers from around the world are mobilizing their disaster response. Upon learning that many survivors left out in the cold are racing to purchase blankets to stay warm, Tzu Chi volunteers in Taiwan are preparing thick and cozy eco-blankets for shipment to and distribution in impacted cities in Turkey along with other basic supplies.

Locally, Tzu Chi Turkey volunteers are also preparing supermarket gift cards to distribute to survivors to help them purchase food and other basic necessities at nearby markets that have remained intact. While there’s no knowing how this disaster will continue to unfold, we know that at Tzu Chi Canada there is more we can do to help.

As we prepare our disaster response to help survivors with their most immediate needs, reach into your heart and make a donation to our Turkey Earthquake Relief efforts. No amount is too little to make a difference.

Thanks to the support of a generous donor.
Join us in sending hope to survivors of the Kahramanmaraş earthquake.

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