Youth Leadership Camp

Culture_SummerCamp02During this annual spiritual retreat, young participants experience the warmth and humanitarian spirit of the Tzu Chi family through a series of interactive workshops, seminars, and fun activities. We encourage young people to cultivate a sharing, compassionate, and grateful attitude in their daily lives.Culture_SummerCamp01

Buddhism Sutra Study Club

Culture_StudyGroup01The study club aims to help Tzu Chi volunteers and commissioners to cultivate through the teachings of Dharma Master Cheng Yen and various Buddhist Sutra. Through learning and cultivating the Buddhism philosophy and practice them in our daily lives, we hope everyone can live a peaceful, calm, and content life. We also make aspirations to spread the wisdom of Dharma teachings to everyone.Culture_StudyGroup02

Documentary Team

Since the foundation in 1966, TZU CHI Foundation has published many periodicals, such as the Tzu Chi Monthly Magazine, Rhythm Magazine, and the Tzu Chi US Journals, etc. These publications documented heart-warming and inspiring stories of benevolent deeds around the world. They also serve as regular activity reports of the Foundation's charity efforts for our donors and supporters.Culture_DocumentaryTeam_02

The documentary team is dedicated to document Tzu Chi's charity efforts and those life-changing stories revolved around it. By sharing these stories full of "genuineness, kindness, and beauty" through various media channels, we wish to touch and inspire the audience, spread the spirit of goodness, and create a positive influence in the society.

Culture_DocumentaryTeam_01The TZU CHI documentary team integrates three different forms of media — articles, photography, and video — called the "3-in-1." Since TZU CHI Foundation Canada established in 1992, there has been over a hundred volunteers participated in the documentary team. Master Cheng Yen said, "what we do today will become tomorrow's history." The documentary team is dedicated to record the history of the TZU CHI Foundation's charity efforts as well as the stories happen around the world that evidence the beauty of humanity.