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    • Turkey Earthquake Relief


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    You authorize payment to Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation of Canada (Tzu Chi) through PayPal, using your PayPal account, credit card, or debit card you linked to PayPal secure payment. Tzu Chi does not control and is not responsible for the amount, frequency, termination or refunding of payments.


    • By Cash or Cheque

    Cheque Title: B.C.R.T.C.F.C.
    Please mail your cheque to:
    Tzu Chi Foundation Canada
    8850 Osler Street
    Vancouver, BC V6P 4G2

    or call (604)266-7699 for picking up arrangement.


    "The most joyful and fulfilling life is a life of giving." ~ Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen


    Wanting to help others but don't know how?
    Or, because of your busy lifestyle, you haven't got down to do it?
    Don't let it slip away!
    Seize the moment of kind thoughts and follow this easy way of helping others.


    Donate monthly to support Tzu Chi's Missions. Amount to be donated is flexible. Your donations to Tzu Chi are tax-deductible. To receive a donation receipt for tax purpose please us your legal name and mailing address.



    Please choose the fund you wish to support.

    Funds Uses
    General Charity Fund For charitable services, medical care, humanistic cultural   programs,  and administrative costs.
    Development Fund For long-term construction development.
    Education Fund For educational assistance programs.
    International Disaster Relief Fund For international disaster relief efforts.
     ※only active when disasters arise※