Greater Vancouver service station

Vancouver Service Station Tel: 604-266-7699

8850 Osler Street,Vancouver, BC V6P 4G2

Service Station Category Address Schedule
Tzu Chi Academy in Vancouver Chinese School  6360 Maple Street,Vancouver Every Sat. 9:30~12:30 
Chinatown Street Cleaning  Street Adoption  165 East 1st Street,Vancouver Every Summer once a month on Sunday  9:30~12:00 
Tzu Chi Canada Chapter  Office 8850 Osler Street,Vancouver Mon. to Fri. 9:00~17:00 
Salvation Army Harbour Light Hot Meal Service  Hot Meal Service 119 Cordova Street,Vancouver Every 2nd Fri. 8:00~12:30 
UBC Hospital Purdy Pavilion Senior Home 2221 Westbrook Mall,Vancouver every 4th Tue. 13:00~15:00 
Little Mountain Place Senior Home 330 East 36th Ave.,Vancouver Every Thu. 9:30~13:00 
UBC Food Bank Food Bank 2707 Tennis Cre. Vancouver
Every Thu. 12:30 ~16:00
St. Vincent's Hospital  Senior Home 4875 Heather Street,Vancouver 

Every 2nd Sat.  


SUCCESS Simon KY Lee Senior Care Senior Home 555 Carrall Street,Vancouver TBA
Villa Cathay Care Home Senior Home 970 Union Street,Vancouver Every last Thu. 9:00~12:00 
St. Joseph Hospital  Senior Home 3080 Prince Edward Street Vancouver  1st Wed. on Feb.,May,Aug.,Nov. 13:45~14:45 
Renfrew Baptist Church Food Bank Food Bank 2776 Semlin Drive,Vancouver Every Fri. (Break once per month) 8:15~9:30 
St.Augustine Church Food Bank Food Bank 8680 Hudson Street,Vancouver Every Thu.(Break once per month) 10:30~13:00 
Raven Song Community Health Center Clinic service

2450 Ontario St. Vancouver BC

Every Thu 16:00~20:00

Every Sat. 14:00-18:00

Helping Spirit Lodge (TCMC@HSL) Clinic service 3973 Dumfries St. Vancouver Every Mon.13:00-16:00

Richmond Service Station Tel: 604-231-9889

#2160-8788 Mckim Way, Richmond, BC

Service Station Category Address Schedule
Tzu Chi Academy in Richmond Chinese School  4151 Jacombs Rd., Richmond Every Sat.9:30~12:30 
Tzu Chi Sharing Farm Sharing Farm Terra Nova Sharing Farm, Richmond May to Sep. Tue. & Fri. 19:00~ 
Garden City Park Street Adoption Garden City Rd at Granville Ave, Richmond May to Sep.3rd Sun. 9:30~12:00 
Richmond Beach Cleaning  Beach adoption Gilbert Beach, Richmond May to Sep. 3rd Sun 9:30~12:00 
Minoru Park  Park Adoption Minoru Blvd at Granville Ave., Richmond May to Sep.3rd Sun. 9:30~12:00 
Richmond office office Service  #2160-8788 McKim Way, Richmond Mon. to  Fri. 10:00~16:00 
Fraserview Care lodge  Senior Home 9580 Williams Rd., Richmond Every 1st Sat. 13:30~15:00 
Oak Tree House Senior Home 7831 Minoru Blvd., Richmond  Every Sat. 14:00~15:30 
Austin Harris Residence Senior Home  5411 Moncton St., Richmond Every 2nd & 4th  Tue. 10:00~11:30 
Richmond Food Bank Food Bank 5800 Cedarbridge Way, Richmond  Every Wed. & Thu. 10:00~13:00 

Thomas Kidd Elementary

Breakfast program

School Service 10851 Shell Rd. Richmond Every Friday 07:15~08:45

Burnaby Service Station

6255 Nelson Ave, Burnaby, BC
Tel: 604-428-7123

Service Station Category Address SChedule
Tzu Chi Academy in Burnaby Chinese school 4433 Moscrop Street, Burnaby Every Sat. 9:30~12:30 
街友生活包發放  其他    Every 4th Sun. 9:00~12:00 
Byrne Creek Secondary School School Service 7777 18th Street, Burnaby School Day's every Tue. & Thu. 7:50~8:40 
Windsor Elementary Breakfast Program  School Service  6166 Imperial St., Burnaby School Days Mon. to Fri. 8:00~9:00 
Armstrong Elementary Breakfast Program School Service  8757 Armstrong Ave.,Burnaby school Days Tue. & Fri. 8:30~9:00 
Stoney Creek Elementary School Breakfast Program School Service 2740 Beaverbrook Crescent, Burnaby  School Days Tue. & Wed.  8:15~9:10 
Fair Haven United Church Homes  Senior Home 7557 Sussex Ave. Burnaby Every Sat.  13:30~14:30 
West Burnaby Food Bank Food Bank United Church,6050 Sussex Ave.,Burnaby Every Fri.(except last Fri.)9:30~11:30 
Byrne Creek Secondary School Breakfast Program School Service 7777 18th St,Burnaby School Day's every Tue. & Thu. 7:40~8:40
Stride Ave. Community School Breakfast Program School Service 7014 Stride Ave,Burnaby Every Fri. 8:00~8:50
Maywood Community School Breakfast Program School Service 4567 Imperial St,Burnaby Every Fri. 8:30~9:10

Surrey Service Station Tel: 778-575-2685

5724 176th Street, Surrey BC, V3S 4C8

Service Station Category Address Schedule
Tzu Chi Academy in Surrey Chinese School  15945 96 Ave.,Surrey Every Sat. 9:30~12:30 
Got Milk Program Other 10667 135A St.,Surrey Every Wed. 13:00~15:00
Surrey Sharing Garden Garden  15584 109 Ave.,Surrey TBA 
Clean City Campaign Street Adoption  152 Street (around Guildford),Surrey five to seven times a year on Sunday 9:00~12:00 
Clean City Campaign Street Adoption  56 Ave 211-224 Street,Langley

Every on 2nd Sunday.(canceled when raining)



Carelife Fleetwood  Senior Home 8265 159 Street, Surrey  Every Mon.,Tue.,Thu.,Fri. 9:30~11:30 
Northcrest Care Centre Senior Home 6771 Scotte Rd., Delta  Every Sat. 10:00~12:00 
Langley Lodge Senior Home 5451 204 St.Langley

Every 2nd Sunday 13:45~15:45 

Kinsmen Place Lodge Senior Home  9650 137A St.,Surrey Every Sat. 14:00~16:00 
Surrey Food Bank  Food Bank  10732 City Parkway,Surrey Every Wed. 9:00~13:00
Ecole Riverdale Elem. School Breakfast serve 14835 108A Ave., Surrey Every Tues. 7:30~8:40
Forsyth Road  Elem. School Breakfast serve 10730 139st. Surrey Every Thur. 7:30~8:40
Coquitlam Service Station
Service Station Category Address Schedule
Tzu Chi Academy in Coquitlam  Chinese School 2525 Como Lake Ave.,Coquitlam Every Sat. 9:30~12:30 
Street Cleaning Street Adoption    once a month
Lion Park Cleaning Park Adoption  Lions Park 2300 Lions Way, Port Coquitlam From JUL. to SEP's every 3rd Sun
Dufferin cARE cENTRE Senior Home 1131 Dufferin St., Coquitlam  once per month on Sat.  14:00~15:30 
PoCo Food Bank Service Food Bank 2211 Prairie Ave, Coquitlam  Every 1st and 4th Wed. 10:00~14:30