Kudos: Richmond Food Bank received large donations to help those in need – Nono Shen / Richmond News

kudos-richmond-food-bank-received-large-donations-to-help-those-in-need-1More than 600 households could benefit this coming winter from a recent charitable donation to Richmond Food Bank.


Richmond’s Tzu Chi Foundation, an organization formed by Taiwanese immigrants to support newcomers and the public, gave out hundreds of packages on Oct. 2 to help people in need get through the winter safely and warmly.

“The pandemic has presented financial challenges for people as more of them need support this year. And we would like to make sure that no one was left alone amid the crisis,” said Meihua Guo, president of Richmond’s Tzu Chi Foundation.

Donated items include toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and winter socks. These daily necessities were packed into individual- and family-sized boxes by volunteers from Tzu Chi and later sent out to the food bankw.kudos-richmond-food-bank-received-large-donations-to-help-those-in-need

Each package also comes with a letter with a written message: “An open heart is an open mind. Love and cherish everything around you.”

Meanwhile, more than 2,000 face masks were delivered to the food bank to ensure employees are safe while handing out donations.

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