Winter Gift Program in Surrey

Since 2002, volunteers from Surrey Office of Tzu Chi Foundation,
Canada have run the major event, Winter Gift Program, every year in the
winter time at the Front Room which is a shelter for homeless people.
Even in the pandemic, volunteers still do not forget to deliver the
warmth to those people in need. Through the program, volunteers want
to express the mercy from the founder of the Foundation, Master Cheng

IMG_3854-1On Nov.23 rd , 2022, 11 Tzu Chi volunteers brought 134 gift packs with the brand new jackets to Front Room and handed over to homeless people staying there. This masks the 21 st years for volunteer to run the Winter Gift Program at Front Room. In addition to the gift packs, volunteers also provided hot coffee. All the people who received the gift pack and jacket felt warm and impressed as those clothing are essential for them to live in the winter.